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After you have filled in your details and sent it off, our local party DJs in the Midlands will contact with you if they are available for your date.

We advise that you talk by phone, or meet up with your chosen DJ before you agree to hire them for your Karaoke party.
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The easy way to find a Karaoke disco in your area. Click your county above, fill in the form and within minutes your requirements will be sent to local DJs in the Midlands.
If you're organising a Karaoke party, do you want to be spending hours on the phone checking whether local DJs are free for your date or not?

The easiest and quickest way to hire the right DJ and disco for your Karaoke party is through this website.
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We have a wide variety of Karaoke party discos for hire in the Midlands.

Our local DJs and discos are happy to accept a playlist so that you can be certain that the right tunes are played to enable your guests to enjoy the party. They will discuss your preferences with you before the date.

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