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Booking Your Karaoke Entertainment

Choosing a DJ or KJ for your karaoke disco party can seem like a minefield, especially if this is the first time you've needed one.

Before you start on your quest, you need to decide whether you want karaoke only or karaoke as part of the disco. Also bear in mind the venue and size, the number of guests and the atmosphere you want to create.

Below are some questions, hints and tips to help you choose the right karaoke disco and DJ for your party.

Karaoke or disco with karaoke?
If you are having a disco with karaoke, consider what proportion of the evening you want as karaoke. If you have a dancey crowd, karaoke does tend to be a spectators sport. The balance is crucial as you may have a number of guests who prefer to dance. You could choose to have a set time for karaoke and then the remainder of the time for disco. Alternatively, you could ask your DJ to switch to karaoke when the dance floor lulls, and continue this pattern all night. The choice is yours!

Wasn't that a party!
Karaoke is fun with the emphasis on participation, not vocal ability. Some karaoke DJs have finely tuned this art with their lively presentation skills and adding props such as wigs and inflatable instruments. Ask a potential KJ how they get the party started and encourage your guests to let their hair down and have some fun.

Big screen, little screen, cardboard box!
Some KJs provide the words on large plasma screens or projector screens, others provide a single monitor. Choosing a KJ who can display on a large screen could encourage all your guests to feel part of the performance and involved. Always consider the size of the venue and its capabilities when making this choice as projector screens take up far more space than a monitor.

Soloists, Duets and Boy/Girl Bands
Part of the fun of karaoke is doing it with your friends. Always ask your potential KJ how many microphones he/she is able to supply to enable groups to participate.

Too high, too low, too fast, too slow!
With the dawn of digital playback systems came the ability to change the key or speed of a track to suit a particular voice.

Didn't I sound good!
Anyone can sound good with the right vocal effects! Ask your KJ if he uses echo and reverb on the vocals.....it makes all the difference.

Spoilt for choice!
Having a KJ with over 4,000 tracks all pre war would not be ideal for an 18th birthday celebration. When asking your KJ how many tracks they have, also ask about older songs and more recent ones to ensure they have something to suit all tastes.

Most importantly....enjoy the experience and have fun!
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